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Deep Politics, a.k.a. “Conspiracy Theories”

In 2016, I wrote 4 articles for the Unz Review.

The first article, entitled (perhaps bizarrely) was Battling the Matrix and Freeing Oneself from the Roger Rabbit Mental World. This article does outline a series of facts but the overarching theme is my own intellectual evolution over the last decade or so.

I then wrote a follow-up article, A Framework for Reclaiming Reality, which examines more in-depth the whole “Intellectual Gatekeeper” phenomenon.

The third article I wrote on the Unz Review, The Show Must Go On, explores the themes of the previous article in a more whimsical way. I believe that this is, stylistically, was more polished than the previous articles, even though I spent much less time writing it. At some point, the whole notion of the Fourth Wall in drama critique occurred to me, and I wrote this little “Night at the Theater” parable, in which it takes a man some time to realize that the “hecklers” in the theater are actually part of the show.

The last article I wrote in 2016 appeared on Boxing Day, which also happens to be my birthday. It was entitled: Faith, Reason, Fanaticism, and the Deeper Meaning of “The Donald”.  This was, by far, the hardest article to write. I am certain there is more work in this article than in all the other articles combined. To date, it is my magnum opus, at least as regards essay writing.

In early January of 2015, I wrote an article, that I submitted to the Saker, entitled Examining Key Premises in the “Je Suis Charlie” Discourse. I think it is interesting to read (or reread) this article in the light of how things have developed over the last couple of years.

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