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I am a middle-aged heterosexual male from North America currently living in a town in Spain not very far from Barcelona. I have varied interests. I have worked as a language teacher, translator, and computer programmer. I also made my living for a good while as a poker player and am quite interested in financial speculation on the stock market, at which I have been moderately successful.

One of my main interests over the last few years has been language learning. I have developed some eclectic theories of language learning that I consider to be more effective than most conventional approaches. You can expect some essays on this to appear here in the near future. There are only three languages in which I am really fluent: English, French, and Spanish. I also speak Russian and Chinese at a functional level. My German and Portuguese are off-and-on projects.

Over the last ten years, I have become increasingly interested in the subject of deep politics (what other people often call disparagingly “conspiracy theories”) and I recently wrote an in-depth essay on my intellectual evolution in this regard on  the Unz Review.